ADRA Mozambique has been working in education for 11 years (8 years in adult literacy and numeracy training, and 3 years in formal education). ADRA has been providing quality holistic, non-segregated formal education which encourages intellectual, physical and spiritual human development at the Munguluni Mission, district of Lugela in Zambezia province.


ADRA contributed to the country’s national education expansion plan by implementing a wide based curriculum and school infrastructure development in resuscitating a mission station, which had been destroyed during the civil war. ADRA has improved the level of education from grade 5 primary to grade 9, a secondary level, where a 100% pass rate was attained for two consecutive years at grade 7th.



The enrolment of the students in the formal sector increased from 263 in 2013 to 467 in 2016 (within 3 years) and 14,800 adult literacy beneficiaries from a target of 9,000. Additionally, 7,402 farmers graduated from a 3 years adult literacy training program and 13,712 were trained in business literacy using the REFLECT methodology.

In order to ensure the sustainability of orphans and vulnerable children, in a recent terminated project in Zambezia province 60 junior farmers clubs (JFC) were created and formed, composed of 30 to 40 children each with age between 6-15 years. They were trained in matters of life skills which comprise formation in agriculture, home garden and child rights, education, step family and support in obtaining certificates of birth registration.

Also ADRA does have experience in intervention for social support on orphans and vulnerable children(OVCs). Recently ADRA has assisted 66,307 Orphans and Vulnerable Children from five districts in Zambezia province in socio-economical strengthening, shelter and home care from step family, education, protection and legal status to enable them to enter school.

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Chambito History

Here is our student Chambito, he is a child much more than special!! Chambito lives about an hour distance from Munguluni, but he always come to school everyday be it rain, be it hot, he lives in a big misery, only with his mom and brother, the father rejects him...

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Maria History

Project with an integral approach helps to improve Maria’s life In the district of Lugela is a community called Narrawane, an association that is assisted by the MYAP project funded by USAID and implemented by ADRA, which leads of the consortium with ADPP and...

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