Agriculture & Food Security

ADRA Mozambique has been work in this sector for more than 20 years in Zambezia, Inhambane and Gaza Provinces. The goal of the activity developed by the Agency is to increase the production and productivity of the selected crops (maize, pigeon pea, groundnut and cashew nut), promoting the good agriculture practices including the conservation farming technics, considered in the last period as one of the priority regarding the climate change.

In a recently ended agriculture intervention for income generation that last for five years ADRA facilitated the formation and training of 271 farmer associations, grouped in 27 Unions of 10 associations each. The project also facilitated and improved the linkages between unions of associations and large buyers, through the promotion of joint commercialization.

As a result of the five years intervention, 12,835 farmers were trained in improved agriculture techniques and have participated in joint commercialization of target products selling 16,268 MT of produce, resulting in total revenue of US$6,259,589.90. Under project’s support, more than 1,905 farming plots of target crops (maize, groundnuts and pigeon peas) were established and 10,916 hectares of land were cultivated using project promoted improved farming techniques.


In a current agri-business project intervention, 4,793 members from 297 Farmers Organizations supported by ADRA managed to effectively aggregate their production and sell jointly during the last two years. The result was that participating association members were able to sell 1,248 metric tones of select crops (maize, groundnut, pigeon pea, sesame and cashew-nuts) for $ 509,276 USD. This is positive if putting in account the Total budget of project investment that is US$ 785,900.

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