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Rural farmers go large scale

Rural farmers in Zambezia province have always gotten a raw deal when it comes to selling their crops when it came to selling their crops each farmer was an island selling small quantities at a very cheap price to middle men who later sold to big commercial buyers....
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Chambito History

Here is our student Chambito, he is a child much more than special!! Chambito lives about an hour distance from Munguluni, but he always come to school everyday be it rain, be it hot, he lives in a big misery, only with his mom and brother, the father rejects him...
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Dony History

Dony is a child of parents farmers, living in Fernando community, Cariua Locality, Maganja administrative Desk headquarters of Maganja district. He began to participate in monitoring and growth promotion of the project in June 2012, in Fernando CLC. At this point I...
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The history of a survivor of floods in Mocuba

“It was around mid-night, I was asleep with my children when suddenly I heard my neighbor shouting frantically that we needed to get out of the house. I was shaken. There was so much noise and commotion outside. I managed to run out with my children and before we knew...
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Maria History

Project with an integral approach helps to improve Maria’s life In the district of Lugela is a community called Narrawane, an association that is assisted by the MYAP project funded by USAID and implemented by ADRA, which leads of the consortium with ADPP and...
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