Years helping in the region

ADRA Moçambique’s establishment in 1987 was in response to the humanitarian crises resulting from the protracted civil war and recurring drought. In 1993, after the war ended,ADRA Moçambique adjusted its strategic focus from relief to development, corresponding to the transitional needs of Moçambique. Since that time ADRA has implemented a number of extensive relief initiatives funded through various donor sources.

ADRA Moçambique’s initial program provided emergency food relief to 100,000 monthly beneficiaries through a Food-For-Work program over a seven-year period in the Vilankulos area of Inhambane Province. ADRA Moçambique then successfully implemented a water resource rehabilitation project in the city of Chimoio. This large-scale activity initially focused on emergency drought relief and subsequently provided the infrastructure system that supplies the city water.


To date ADRA Moçambique has completed more than 28 major projects successfully in Moçambique. This has given the organisation experience and expertise in implementing agriculture, health & nutrition, water/sanitation and adult literacy projects. For example, ADRA Moçambique researched and successfully implemented a unique project for Cashew propagation and reforestation. Together with many private donors some of the institutional donors supporting ADRA Moçambique’s work over the years are USAID, European Union, AusAid, the Government of Moçambique.

ADRA Moçambique maintains a close working relationship with the Government of the Republic of Moçambique (GRM), and continues to consult with relevant governmental ministries at all levels regarding activity planning and implementation.

Today, ADRA Moçambique has over 100 employees, who work to provide Mozambicans both opportunity and means to make positive changes in their lives. As new challenges and needs arise, ADRA Moçambique continues to pursue its mission: to work with people in poverty and distress to create just and positive change through empowering partnerships and responsible action.

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