“It was around mid-night, I was asleep with my children when suddenly I heard my neighbor shouting frantically that we needed to get out of the house. I was shaken. There was so much noise and commotion outside. I managed to run out with my children and before we knew it, we had been taken to safety. It was only when there I realised that it was flooding. The same neighbor who had woken us rushed to the next house to rescue an old lady who was asleep but it was too late because the flood waters were too intense.
We were evacuated to a nearby school center and had to stay there for one month I thank the well-wishers including ADRA who came to our rescue during our time of need. We are resettled in another place we are not used to but we never lacked food or other essentials like utensils. I was happy to receive mosquito nets that really came in handy for us. It was a rainy season and my children and I were safe. I am able to store water with the jerry cans we were provided with three months ago. ADRA has also gone a further step to do a follow- up of our progress since the flooding. Those people are friendly to us. They have provided us with other sources of earning a living by providing work and in return, we receive food. I am working hard to make bricks so that I can build a house for me and my six children. Thank you ADRA people for living with us.” Natalia Augusto, settled at Nacogolone settlement.
Written by Hannah Ndungu

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