Project with an integral approach helps to improve Maria’s life
In the district of Lugela is a community called Narrawane, an association that is assisted by the MYAP project funded by USAID and implemented by ADRA, which leads of the consortium with ADPP and Samaritan’s Purse. This association benefits from all the components of the project namely income generation, health and nutrition, adult literacy and water and sanitation and hygiene (WASH). In this association there is a health council that transmits knowledge to the association members and communities about health of the community, they also benefited from the rehabilitation of their borehole. Adult literacy is another activity that positively improves the education level of members of that community and that leaves them better prepared to meet the challenges of life, understanding easier the messages transmitted by the technicians who assist them.
Maria Ema Augusto aged 41 years is one of the participants of the associations who know how important the interventions are in her life. “All my life I had known that only men can handle issues related to generating income for the family, which I admit was total dependence.” She has been participating in the program, funded by USAID since November 2008 and understood very early the importance of the assistance the project has made available and that good results do not take long to come through the program.
During the agricultural season of 2009 – 2010 she was able to sell 300kg of pigeon pea which gave her 4,500 MZN (US $160), 500kg of maize which she sold for 2,000 MZN (US $71.11) and 8 sacks (50 kg each) of dried cassava which gave her 3,200 MZN (US $113.70). All her income adds up to 9,700 MZN ($344.81). She managed to keep for her family 15 sacks of dried cassava, 100 kg of pigeon pea and three (3) sacks of maize stored up for her personal consumption.
Maria is a widow whose aggregated family is comprised of six (6). She says that the money she gets from marketing her crops is enough to pay school expenses for her two (2) daughters who are studying in Mocuba and she is able to buy clothes and support other household expenses. She is happy with the knowledge she has gained from the project and she expects to continue learning more to benefit her personally and for the community.
She is now an adult literacy instructor in her community and she feels very happy with her contribution in the activities supported by the project.
This is one of the many examples that ADRA has to show women are taking positions and participating and making discussions in the home and community. Other women are now association leaders, treasurers, positions that were previously held only by men. On the other hand men have started to take active roles in areas previously dominated by women as the example below shows.

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