Dony is a child of parents farmers, living in Fernando community, Cariua Locality, Maganja administrative Desk headquarters of Maganja district.
He began to participate in monitoring and growth promotion of the project in June 2012, in Fernando CLC. At this point I was 11 months old and weighed only 4,9Kgs. The nutritional status was classified as severe malnutrition.
According to the mother’s testimony, since the first days of life, Dony did not take breast milk because their breasts did not produce enough milk and shortly after stopped completely to produce milk. Dony did not take artificial milk because the family could not afford to do so. Their diet was provided based on baby food baby crushed crackers and corn flour / cassava with salt, packets juice (processed) and other family crushed food, give it began to have deficiencies in growth and did not gain weight.
Like other children with the same problem, after being identified by the volunteer IMCI and MYAP health technician, was passed a transfer guide for health facility, so that it is subjected to clinical analysis, treatment of associated diseases and nutritional rehabilitation.
Dony was not admitted because the facility had no resources to rehabilitate, was only medicated for treatment of associated diseases and parents were advised in relation to diet. Back to community, was integrated into the parent group / CLC mother of their community (Sorghum), where the mother learned to make porridge enriched for the child and began to participate in the nutritional rehabilitation of sections promoted by members of the CLC, where all children identified with moderate malnutrition and not only, are invited to participate.
Today, 13 months later, Dony has 24 months and now weighs 10,2Kg, weight according to the Health Card of the Child, the MoH is considered Good For Age. Parents feel happy and believe that the knowledge acquired in the mother / parent group, helped recover Dony and thank immense, the existence of the project in their community.

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