Here is our student Chambito, he is a child much more than special!! Chambito lives about an hour distance from Munguluni, but he always come to school everyday be it rain, be it hot, he lives in a big misery, only with his mom and brother, the father rejects him because he says he has problems, Chambito can not talk, but with his acts he is able to conversate with others, yet his home language is manhawa, he understands perfectly well my Portuguese, everyday when he gets to school he always gives me a hug and greets every teacher and before he goes home he makes sure he says, and when he feels like he is not treated fairly he questions you in his own way! He fights to be a normal child and makes it clear that we have the same rights to all! And whenever he needs school material, he brings his hoe to school, gets into my house and goes up to my room and shows me the hoe to show that I came to work to be able to pay for my pencil, books or soap to be able to wash my uniform. Really as they say others your Chambito, and he is mine… My example, when I think that I am tired or when I want to give up, I look at him and understand that I still need to continue more a bit because he is there and needs someone. Thanks to you who is part of this story!
Lilian Oliveira – Volunteer in Munguluni

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